Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax

312 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Wednesday-Friday, 11am-5pm and by appointment

Located in the former Jerry’s Record Exchange storefront, Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax is an extension of the Dikeou Collection and offers an alternative art experience in the heart of Denver. Work by artists Lizzi Bougatsos, Sarah Staton Supastore Supastars, Rainer Ganahl, Anicka Yi, and Devon Dikeou is on view at this location. The Dikeou Collection’s vinyl, laserdisc, and CEDs are archived here. Please see the Events section of the site to find information on upcoming programs at Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax.


Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax is currently exhibiting SupaStore Human – We are the Product, an installation presented by London artist Sarah Staton. SupaStore Human is on view through February 2018 and items exhibited are available for purchase

Sarah Staton (born 1961) is an artist based in London, England, whose diverse practice melds sculpture, painting, architecture, design, publishing, fashion, and technology to create objects and spaces that are simultaneously aesthetic and utilitarian. Initiated in 1993, Sarah Staton’s SupaStore started as a DIY art sale experiment that has transpired at dozens of museums, galleries, and alternative venues over the years, most recently at Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis. Over three hundred artists, ranging from up-and-coming contemporaries, unknowns, and established artists have had a piece they created for sale at the SupaStore.

SupaStore Human – We are the Product reflects how technology and automation has impacted social interaction, commerce, and manufacturing. As the goddess of art, trade, handicrafts and wisdom, Minerva (in her many guises) has become the public face of the SupaStore and represents the classical origins of these now mechanized exchanges.

Sarah Staton is Senior Tutor in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, and has exhibited internationally at museums and galleries like Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum, Mount Stuart, and Osan Museum of Contemporary Art among many others. Her bleach on denim anti-painting, “Endless Column,” is exhibited at Dikeou Collection and her “10 SupaStore SupaStars” portfolio comprised of lithographs by past SupaStore artist participants is on view at Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax. Additionally, Sarah Staton has three artworks represented in Devon Dikeou’s ongoing installation “Not Quite Mrs. De Menil’s Liquor Closet” at Dikeou Collection. She has also curated projects in zingmagazine issues 4 and 15, as well in forthcoming issue 25.

Artists participating in SupaStore Human – We are the Product include Saelia Aparicio, Fiona Banner, Merlin Carpenter, Ejaz Christiliano, Jude Crilly, Dd Davies, Denise De Cordova, Aaron Flint Jamison, Freee, GAS (Kelsey Olson and Katelyn Farstad), Alison Gill, Chiara Giovando, Justin Goldwater, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Natalie Price Hafslund, Anthea Hamilton, Cira Huwald, Steve Kado, Miguel Soto Karelovic, Tobias Kaspar, Lito Kattou, Lisa Kereszi, Adriana Lara, Tanya Ling, Paula Linke, Steph Luyinhuang, Adam McEwen, Sean McNanney Saved NY, Ariane Müller, Tracy Nakayama, Dmitri Obergfell, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Jaehung Park, Hadrian Pigott, Paloma Proudfoot, Josephine Pryde, Cullinan Richards, Colleen Rogers, Lawrence Seward, Sarah Staton, Milly Thompson, Will Thompson, Nicola Tyson, Demelza Watts, Nicole Wermers, Seyoung Yoon, YES & NO MAGAZINE, and Anand Zenz.