In addition to co-founding and curating the Dikeou Collection, Devon Dikeou is the founder, editor, and publisher of New York-based art publication, zingmagazine. Established in 1995, zingmagazine serves as a “curatorial crossing” with projects spanning a variety of artistic mediums, including illustration, architecture, fashion, graphic design, music, painting, drawing, photography, fiction, poetry, and critical reviews.

Inspired by zing‘s continuous evolution and celebration of diverse art forms, the Dikeou Collection will host a zine workshop on Wednesday, October 24, from 6-8pm. This workshop will focus on the history and different techniques artists use to create zines and will be held at Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax, 312 E Colfax Ave. Workshops are free and open to the public, and materials as well as light refreshments will be provided.

Vastly diverse in content, style, and technique, zines are a small-circulating and self-published work consisting of original or found text and images. Due to the freedom that is inherent in creating a zine, participants are invited to approach this workshop with uninhibited creativity. It may utilize collage techniques, or original hand-written/hand-drawn features. Your zine may cover topics in pop-culture, art, politics, literature, or what you had for lunch the other day – it’s your zine and can look like and be about whatever you wish!

The workshop will begin with a brief presentation by Adán De La Garza (MFA University of Colorado, Boulder, The Flinching Eye, Nothing To See Here, Collective Misnomer) on the origins, transformations, and various artist interpretations of zines. Participants are invited to use one of the techniques shown in examples provided to create their own custom zine. Adán and Dikeou staff will be available to help guide participants through this workshop.

Dikeou Collection’s workshops are a great way for people of all ages to learn more about contemporary art and experiment with new creative processes. Workshops include a tutorial and presentation of the artwork highlighted that month.