Dikeou Superstars – April 2024

Foldable books, scented visual music, and studio throwbacks. . . A quick snapshot of what Dikeou Collection artists have been up to over the past month, and what to look forward to next month.

The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD

Work by Lisa Kereszi will be exhibited by Yancey Richardson Gallery and work by Sebastiaan Bremer will be exhibited by Edwynn Houk Gallery at the AIPAD Photography Show in New York April 25-28.

Sebastiaan Bremer, @bascalyer

Bremer’s work will also be represented at the Dallas Art Fair by Hales Gallery, April 4-7.

Installation view, Stan VanDerBeek: Transmissions, Magenta Plains, New York, NY 2024

Johannes VanDerBeek and his sister Sarah organized an exhibition of their father, Stan VanDerBeek’s, work at Magenta Plains, on view through April 20.

Vik Muniz, “Harriet Tubman, Legal Tender,” Archival Inkjet Print, 68 1/4” x 48”, Edition of 6, 2024

Vik Muniz’ solo exhibition Scraps and Legal Tender is currently on view at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. through April 27.

Walter Robinson, "New Years," 2023 acrylic on canvas, 72" x 60"

Walter Robinson’s solo exhibition Assignment — Geneva is on view at Sébastien Bertrand in Geneva through May 11.

Misaki Kawai, "Another Visit," acrylic on canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm, 2022

Work by Misaki Kawai is on view at The Mass in Tokyo through April 14.

Anicka Yi, "Releasing The Human From The Human," 2019, kelp, aquazol, glycerin, crepeline, acrylic, LED, animatronic insect, 71.1 x 71.1 x 71.1 cm / 28 x 28 x 28 in
© Anicka Yi. Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery.
Photo: David Regen

Work by Anicka Yi is on view in Shine On at Sadie Coles London through April 27.

Tim Van Laere Gallery

Marcel Dzama’s solo exhibition, Wild Kindness, is on view at Tim Van Laere Gallery in Antwerp through May 11. His other solo exhibition, Ghosts of Canoe Lake, at McMichael Canadian Art Collection was reviewed in Frieze.

Unbound Books vol. 14 — Sparrows by Nils Folke Anderson (art) and Benjamin Gantcher (poems)

Nils Folke Anderson collaborated with poet Benjamin Gantcher on a “free downloadable printable foldable” book from Unbound Books.

Simon Periton, "Guerrilla Gardener" and "Outdoor Miner"

Two outdoor sculptures by Simon Periton are on view at the Artyzen Hotel in Singapore as part of its private art collection.

@patricia_cronin, @cultureflock

A portrait of Patricia Cronin is featured among 20 other notable artists on a tote bag from Culture Flock.

Wade Guyton, “Untitled” (2012). Epson UltraChrome inkjet on linen; six panels 198 × 69 in. (502.9 × 175.3 cm) each; 198 × 429 in. (502.9 × 1089.7 cm)overall. Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz Collection. Photograph by Brian Forrest.

Work by Wade Guyton, among many contemporary art stars, from the De La Cruz Collection, will be auctioned by Christie’s upon the collection’s closing. 

Kerri Scharlin

Read Kerri Scharlin’s recent zingchat interview with Dikeou Collection Director Hayley Richardson.

Image courtesy Joshua Abelow

Joshua Abelow shared a fantastic shot of Van Hanos shaving his face in Abelow’s studio under "Call Me Abstract” before it made its home at Dikeou Collection.

Agathe Snow, "Out of the Storm"

Agathe Snow’s sculpture, “Out of the Storm” is currently on view in the gardens at Longhouse Reserve in Easthampton. Also check out this fantastic recipe for Winter Mushroom Ragu which features a harvest from her Mattituck Mushrooms farm.

Bighouse, in partnership with non-profit radio station dublab and the Institute for Art and Olfaction have created “Nose Music” – a new perfume box set, which contains ten custom-formulated fragrances, each inspired by a classic, groundbreaking album.

Chris Johanson created artwork for an album boxset that’s. . . scented.

April 2024

Dikeou Superstars Monthly Roundup – March 2024

Cemetery tours, dystopian animations, and interstellar kaleidoscopes on the Hudson . . . A quick snapshot of what Dikeou Collection artists have been up to over the past month, and what to look forward to next month.

Woodlawn Cemetery Conservancy; @patricia_cronin

Patricia Cronin will held lead the upcoming Women Who Built Woodlawn cemetery tour on March 3, on which her “Memorial to a Marriage” will be highlighted



Lizzi Bougatsos will read selections from Cookie Mueller’s body work in honor of what would be Mueller’s 75th birthday on March 4 at St Mark’s

Dan Asher Estate; Galerie Pact

A solo exhibition of Dan Asher’s iceberg photographs and oil stick drawings are currently on view at Galerie Pact in Paris through March 16

Printed Matter, Inc.; @lrkur

Lisa Kereszi will do a discussion and signing at Printed Matter Chelsea on March 21 in honor of her fifth monograph, Mourning

Johannes VanDerBeek, Bird Hand, 2024, Cardboard, aqua resin, paint, 9 x 9 x 3 inches; Marinaro Gallery

Work by Johannes Vanderbeek is on view in “All the Small Things” at Marinaro Gallery through March 16

WADE GUYTON, Untitled, 2020, Epson UltraChrome HDX inkjet on linen, 84 x 69 in.; Miguel Abreu Gallery

Work by Wade Guyton is on view in “When Image Processing Became Painting” at Miguel Abreu Gallery through March 16

@luckydebellevue; Elliot Temple Fine Arts

Work by Lucky Debellevue is on view in the salon room of Elliot Temple Fine Arts

Paul Ramirez Jonas and Glenn Ligon, with Thelma Golden and Byron Kim; throwback from Art F City

Paul Ramírez Jonas interviewed Glenn Ligon in advance of Ligon’s talk at the Cornell School of Architecture and Planning on March 5

Parapet / Real Humans

Joshua Abelow will exhibit with Katya Kirilloff at Parapet / Real Humans in March

21c Museum Hotel Bentonville

Work by Sebastiaan Bremer is currently on view in “Fragile Figures: Beings and Time” at 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville through January 2025

Ester Partegàs, Line (laundry baskets), 2023. Courtesy NoguerasBlanchard. Photo: Roberto Ruiz.

Ester Partegàs’ sculpture “Line (laundry baskets)” was the subject of a short essay by Robin Schiff for Los Angeles Review of Books

Drue Langlois, still from Veil of the Cloud

Check out Drue Langlois’ recent animation “Veil of Cloud” on YouTube

Serge Onnen, Planetariummonetarium, 2009; Patch

Have you seen Serge Onnen’s interactive “Planetariummonetarium” sculpture installed on the Peekskill waterfront in Hudson Valley. Patch investigates. . .

Sarah Staton, Plaque dedicated to Queen Caroline, 2024; Hammersmith Today

Sarah Staton created a commemorative plaque dedicated to Queen Caroline, making it the first permanent public artwork installed at a Tideway super sewer site


Anicka Yi recently gave an artist talk at Harvard’s Carpenter Center. Yi has also been selected as an Honoree for Asia Society’s Game Changer Awards occurring on May 16

Dikeou Superstars Monthly Roundup – February 2024

A quick snapshot of what Dikeou Collection artists have been up to over the past month, and what to look forward to next month.

Installation by Agathe Snow, @mattituck.mushrooms

Agathe Snow shared a snap of a new sculpture made of orange life vests. Color therapy at its best!

Joshua Abelow, Bag of Rats, 2024, Brown paper bag, readymade rubber rats, dims variable, @joshuaabelow

Work by Joshua Abelow was recently exhibited at Pop Gun in Brooklyn.

Marcel Dzama, Ghost of Canoe Lake, 2023, pearlescent acrylic, ink, watercolor, and graphite on paper, 36.2 x 36.2 cm, Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner © Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama’s solo exhibition “Ghosts of Canoe Lake” is currently on view at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Ontario through June 9.

Works by Anicka Yi on display on the Gladstone stand at Fog Design+Art Photo: Nikki Richter

Work by Anicka Yi was recently exhibited by Gladstone Gallery at Fog Design + Art Fair in San Francisco.

Mourning by Lisa Kereszi, from Minor Matters Books

Mourning by Lisa Kereszi is now available for purchase. Be sure to stop by the launch event at Printed Matter on March 21!

Ester Partegàs, Part (laundry baskets), 2023, @ester_partegas

Work by Ester Partegàs is on view at Tenerife Espacio de las Artes in Spain through February 25.

Joe Brainard, Whippoorwill, 1974

Joe Brainard’s “Whippoorwill” is currently on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Artforum, January 2024, p. 62, @kerri_scharlin

Last November Kerri Scharlin hosted a conversation between Barry Schwabasky and Thierry De Buve, which was subsequently published in the January issue of Artforum.

Fattening Frogs for Snakes Presented by Blank Forms

Lizzi Bougatsos will perform with Marc Edwards at the Fattening Frogs for Snakes event the Pinault Collection in Paris on February 16.

Paul Ramírez Jonas, Division, photo by Alex Brekanu

An installation by Paul Ramírez Jonas is on view at the Chicago Cultural Center during the city’s Architecture Biennial.

February 2024

Dikeou Superstars Monthly Roundup – January 2024

A quick snapshot of what Dikeou Collection artists have been up to over the past month, and what to look forward to next month.

Momoyo Torimitsu, “Somehow I Don’t Feel Comfortable,” 2000, edition 1/2, 2/2. Image courtesy @oliwiasiem

A traveling edition of Momoyo Torimitsu’s “Somehow I Don’t Feel Comfortable” is currently on view at the Balloon Museum pop-up in London through February 18

Work by Jonathan Horowitz will be on view in the upcoming Yokohama Triennial, March 15-June 9, 2024

Anicka Yi, †WLETPR+L, 2023  Acrylic, UV print, aluminum artist’s frame  Gladstone Gallery

Anicka Yi’s “†WLETPR+L” presented by Gladstone Gallery was named a top artwork at Art Basel Miami by Artlyst

An example of Wade Guyton’s re-interpretation of a Manet work from his new book that overlays the Manets with patterns.Credit...Jiayun Deng/Galerie Chantal Crousel

Wade Guyton’s “Galerie Matthiesen, Ausstellung, Édouard Manet, 1928, 6. Februar bis 18 März, Vol II” was named one of the Best Art Books of 2023 by Holland Cotter. Work by Guyton is also present in Swedish fashion house Toteme’s first US store

Lisa Kereszi, Julie Atlas Muz onstage in red bikini, Fez Under Time Cafe, 2001, Courtesy of Lisa Kereszi

Work by Lisa Kereszi will be exhibited in Modena, Italy and in Texas in 2024

Topical Cream

Lizzi Bougatsos was recently featured in Topical Cream’s Rx Studio interview series

Mr. Muniz with a piece from his “Pictures of Garbage” series in 2010. Mr. Muniz donated proceeds from the sale of “Pictures of Garbage” to the Gramacho workers.Credit...Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Vik Muniz contributed a guest essay for The New York Times’ Turning Points series


January 2024

Dikeou Superstars Monthly Roundup

A quick snapshot of what Dikeou Collection artists have been up to over the past month, and what to look forward to next month.

Marcel Dzama at his Brooklyn studio, wearing a papier-mâché mask of a bull that he made in 2013 based on a painting by the Dadaist artist Francis Picabia. Credit: Chase Middleton of NYT

Marcel Dzama had a big month with his incredible “To live on the Moon (For Lorca)” performance for the Performa Biennial. He spoke about the project with Artnet, and was also profiled by The New York Times about his unique mask collection

Exhibition view: Jonathan Horowitz & Rob Pruitt, Peacock Hill Houses, 303 Gallery, New York, 2023. Photo: Justin Craun

Jonathan Horowitz and partner Rob Pruitt’s “Peacock Hill Houses” is on view at 303 Gallery through December 16


Lizzi Bougatsos interviewed Bush Tetras band members Cynthia Sley and Pat Place for Talkhouse

Vik Muniz, “The Quarry at Biémus, After Paul Cézanne (Surfaces),” 2023

Vik Muniz’ solo exhibition, “Surfaces,” is on view at Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong through January 27

[caption id="attachment_5610" align="alignnone" width="500"] A shiny ceiling. The Dikeou Collection has re-opened for an exhibition of Devon Dikeou's work, Feb. 20, 2020. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)[/caption]

Devon Dikeou’s “Mid-Career Smear” at Dikeou Collection received a glowing shoutout from Travel Lens 


Johannes VanDerBeek and his sister Sara announce that the estate of their father, artist Stan VanDerBeek, will now be represented by Magenta Plains

Patricia Cronin, “Aphrodite Genetrix,” 2023, @patricia_cronin

Work by Patricia Cronin is on view in “Retinal Hysteria” at Venus Over Manhattan through January 13. Cronin also announced that she joined the board of the Carolee Schneemann Foundation

Installation view of 'House in Motion', de la Cruz Collection, 2023–24. Pictured, from left to right: Wade Guyton, Untitled, 2012. Vaughn Spann, Shadow in the Night (Blue Train), 2022; A House on Fire (Marked Man), 2023; and A Love like Dawn, 2022. Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (America #3), 1992. Courtesy of the de la Cruz Collection.

Work by Wade Guyton is on view in “House in Motion” at the de la Cruz Collection 

Chris Johanson, Untitled, 2023

Work by Chris Johanson is on view in “Piano Sale Going on Somewhere” at Michael Benevento through January 20

Drue Langlois, "Switching on the Endless Vomiter," 2023, @drue.langlois

Consider scooping up some artwork by Drue Langlois for your holiday gift exchange 


Misaki Kawai also has a fun shop full of goodies that would brighten up anyone’s winter blues

Ester Partegas, "Shadow of Another"

While at Art Basel Miami…. check out Ester Partegas’ sculpture “Shadow of Another” at the SLS Brickell Hotel 

Sebastiaan Bremer, "The Sunken Forest," 2023

Work by Sebastiaan Bremer will be presented by Graphicstudio/USF 165 at the INK Miami Art Fair

Rainer Ganahl, "Long Breat," 2023

Rainer Ganahl’s recent solo exhibition at Charmoli Ciarmoli was noted as a Must See by Artforum

December 2023