Wendi Schneider

About the Artist

Wendi Schneider is a visual artist with a background in painting, photography and art history, originally from Memphis, New Orleans and New York, now based in Denver. Her sensual photographs create a delicate balance between the real and the imagined, inspired by grace found in the sinuous lines of organic forms.

Best known for her gilded vellum photographs of figura, flora and fauna, painted photographs, Polaroid transfers, and book cover photographs, she was a major contributor to the original Victoria magazine, and designed and photographed the recreation of the 1901 Picayune’s Creole Cook Book for The Times-Picayune newspaper.

Her work has been featured in Silvershotz, B&W, Adore Chroma, and honored by prestigious photography awards, including the International Photography Awards, International Color Awards, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Pollux Awards, and PX3 Prix de la Paris Photographie. She is represented by A Gallery For Fine Photography, New Orleans.