Jamie Chihuan

About the Artist

I was born and raised in Longmont Colorado to two immigrant parents. My Mother is from Mexico and my father is Peruvian. My creative journey did not start until my final year in high school after failing the only class in my entire educational career. It was my 2D art class and from that point forward I decided to explore more artistic passions and fell in love. Later that year I picked up my father’s camera and began shooting my cloak series.
My Artwork lives in the surreal realm. Growing up in a diverse household exposed me to unique aesthetics that are prevalent in my work. From the vibrant colors of Peruvian dance dresses to the skulls of the Santa Muerte statues that littered my childhood home. The symbols in my work could be a collection of past memories. Besides memories, my work also focuses on Life, Death, Love, and Dreams. I try to explore all these themes using different mediums like painting, drawing, digital, film, photography, and writing.