Dorothy Tanner (1923-2020)

About the Artist

“The major challenge for me in art is to keep under control the tyranny of a logical mind. The spirit that moves me is capricious, unruly and irreverent. Most of my work grows out of intuitive impulse–the rest gets underway by just playing.”

While experimenting with a wide array of media, I have found acrylic (plexiglas) to be the most rewarding. It is a material that I sculpt, paint, sandblast, or bake and shape. Some are wall sculptures, some free-standing or mobiles, while others are water sculptures. Light is an intrinsic element of the art form. LEDs have been the primary source of lighting the works since 2003. While each sculpture stands alone as an art expression, my interest is to integrate the works into a total environment – installations that express a powerful visual and emotional sensibility.