Dayana Ruiz

About the Artist

As a young emerging artist, earning a BFA in sculpture has allowed me to open the possibilities to creating different works of art such as installation and performance art. Born in Havana, Cuba in 1991 and moved to Miami, FL before turning five years old. As a child I was always interested in art but didn’t see a career in art as a realistic aspiration. It wasn’t until I began college that I had a revision from my childhood and found art again. After that enlightenment I began to attend Miami Dade College (MDC), where I received my Associates in Arts.  At my time at MDC, I began pursuing painting since drawing has been my earliest form of art making as a kid and naturally went that route.  My early work involved feminist ideas and portraiture often of family members or self-portraits. Upon coming to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, my body of work went a different direction. At this point I began to think more three-dimensional and interested in materiality. Recently, I became a member of a co-op gallery called Next gallery as one of their associate members.