Alive On Canvas

About the Artist

When creating art, I am absorbed with the making process. Line, form, color, balance, motion and how it all converges to evoke emotion is what’s on my mind, not a subject or message. The best part of making art is that it can provide a rare escape from routine thinking. Intuition takes over.

What I enjoy most about my dimensional figurative art is that it is formed instantaneously from real people. I drape my formula-treated fabric over a posed model. After it quickly hardens, I remove the 10lb structure, and paint it to enhance the spirited humanity it inherently conveys.

For some artworks, I have a preconceived message. Refuge was to personally connect us to the distraught, migrating Syrians coming ashore in Greece.
American Dream was to illustrate the hardship and determination of undocumented immigrants. I am delighted, however, when people have other interpretations based on their own life experience.