The Dikeou Collection continues the Family Saturday Workshop series on September 30 from 12-3pm. This workshop will focus on the artist Giasco Bertoli and will be held at the Dikeou Collection, 1615 California St, Suite 515. Workshops are free to attend, and materials as well as light refreshments will be provided.

Giasco Bertoli is a photographer and filmmaker originally from Switzerland who now lives and works in Paris, France. Popular culture has been a common theme in his work since the 1990s, and his photograph, I went to see a friend of mine who turned thirty-three years old, in his room I found a pile of 33 lp’s with the word blue on each cover title, I compiled them in alphabetical order at Dikeou Collection underscores this interest by using album covers as the main subject. Brought together by the word “blue” and arranged alphabetically, I went to see a friend of mine. . . presents a wide range of musical styles as well as performers of varying levels of celebrity, from legendary icons to obscure virtuosos.

Participants are invited to recreate and modify the iconographic album covers selected from Bertoli’s piece using gesso & ink transfer techniques, acrylic paint, and other mediums of your choice. Demos & instructions on the ink transferring process will be provided.

The Dikeou Collection’s Family Saturday Workshops are a great way for people of all ages to learn more about contemporary art and experiment with new creative processes. Workshops include a tutorial and presentation of the artwork highlighted that month.